Satellite datatypes

class pygarmin.datatype.SatelliteRecord(svid, snr, elev, azmth, status)

Bases: DataType


Return whether the unit has ephemeris data for the specified satellite.


Return whether the unit has a differential correction for the specified satellite.


Return whether the unit is using this satellite in the solution.


Return the PRN.

The svid member identifies a satellite in the GPS constellation as follows: PRN-01 through PRN-32 are indicated by svid equal to 0 through 31, respectively.

class pygarmin.datatype.Satellite(records=None)

Bases: DataType

Satellite datatype.

The satellite records contain post-process information, such as position and velocity information.

This datatype is undocumented in the spec, but it is described in the GPS 16/17 Technical Specifications ( and the GPS 18x Technical Specifications (