Common datatypes

class pygarmin.datatype.Records

Bases: DataType

The Records type contains a 16-bit integer that indicates the number of data packets to follow, excluding the pid_xfer_cmplt packet.

class pygarmin.datatype.Time(time=4294967295)

Bases: DataType


Return a datetime object of the time.

The time member indicates the number of seconds since 12:00 am December 31, 1989 UTC.

A value of 0xFFFFFFFF (4294967295) indicates that the time member is unsupported or unknown.


Return whether the time is valid.

A time value of 0xFFFFFFFF that this parameter is not supported or unknown.

class pygarmin.datatype.Symbol(smbl=18)

Bases: DataType


Get the symbol.


Set the symbol.

If an invalid symbol is received, it will be substituted by a generic dot symbol.