Map datatypes

class pygarmin.datatype.MapProduct

Bases: DataType

class pygarmin.datatype.MapSegment

Bases: DataType

class pygarmin.datatype.MapUnknown

Bases: DataType

class pygarmin.datatype.MapUnlock

Bases: DataType

class pygarmin.datatype.MapSet

Bases: DataType

class pygarmin.datatype.MPSRecord(type, length, content)

Bases: DataType


Return the type value.

The characters shown are translated to numeric values using the ASCII character set.

class pygarmin.datatype.MPSFile

Bases: DataType

MPS file format.

The Mapsource (MPS) file format contains a list of maps and their descriptions.

The MPS file is used as a subfile in the IMG container file format and by MapSource software version 2.xx. Later versions of MapSource use a different file format with the same filename extension.

The file format is reverse engineered by Herbert Oppmann (

The file consists of a sequence of variable sized records with the following structure:

General record structure:

Byte Number

Byte Description


Record type


Record length

2 to n

Record content